Mention Manchester anywhere in the world and the response is... Manchester United! However, Manchester is so much more than just sport. While its football teams may project a particular image around the world, within the UK, Manchester is seen as the new regional super power.
In recent years, Manchester has pulled the BBC from London to Salford (Manchester), growing its creative and digital sector to be the second biggest in Europe, it represents the largest professional market outside of London. Manchester has long been the second city of the UK, with an urban population of 2.5 million. It delivers everything from world-class transport (Manchester airport carries more routes than even Heathrow), shopping experiences to rival any of the major capitals, to sport which even London looks upon enviously. The city has a fast growing youth market, with the average age in the city centre being just 27.

Surrounding Area

The neighbouring, self-styled creative district, of the Northern Quarter is an atmospheric area, adjacent to the mainstream delights of Market Street and the city centre, but its mix of vintage, vinyl, coffee shops and restaurants sets it apart from the rest. The sole survivor of the Quarter’s mercantile past is the Manchester Craft & Design Centre. This little gem has for 30 years been home to an array of artist-run studios. Come here for locally made art, jewellery, bags and accessories, as well as contemporary craft exhibitions.

Equally this close-at-hand location is a magnet for those in need of some nightlife and is the most vibrant area of Manchester with a host of bars and excellent pubs, offering a fine array of foreign beers, local brewed casks, cocktails, spirits and food. Angelgate is within close proximity to Manchester’s main music scene with venues such as the long standing Band On The Wall, the legendary Night & Day Cafe, Dry Bar, Matt & Phreds Jazz Bar and The Roadhouse all enjoying a great resurgence.

NOMA Regeneration Area

Angelgate is in a fantastic location on the edge of the NOMA regeneration area. This regeneration has been led by a huge UK company, The Cooperative Group, which is one of the UK’s largest retailers. Their businesses also include banking and travel.

Working in partnership with Manchester City Council and the European Regional Development Fund, 20 acres of land will be redeveloped into a new ‘quarter’ for business, retail and residential opportunities.

The 1st stage of redevelopment is now complete with the Co-operatives new head office, the NOMA building, being officially opened in November 2013 by The Queen and Prince Philip.

In the last decade Manchester has regenerated the Northern Quarter and the Green Quarter which now includes a huge range of residential and commercial developments.